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  1. Partly because " Ane Accompt " is a credible witness to much earlier material, the claim is thought probable.
  2. This goes back to the manuscript " Accompt of the most considerable estates and families in the county of Cumberland " of about 1603 by John Denton.
  3. After a long debate on 4 August it was resolved that Fowke ought to'accompt jointly with the rest of the late commissioners and collectors of the customs .'
  4. If tradition preserved by the seventeenth-century " Ane Accompt of the Genealogie of the Campbells " is to be believed, Clann Dubhghaill overcame and slew Cail�an M�r in the 1290s.
  5. The " Ane Accompt of the Genealogie of the Campbells " states that the Campbell ancestor " Coline Campbell, bynamed Maol Maith " had a legitimate son, and two natural sons.

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