accessible meaning

[ ək'sesəbl ] Pronunciation:   "accessible" in a sentence
Adjective: accessible  ak'sesubul
  1. Capable of being reached
    "a town accessible by rail" 
  2. Capable of being read with comprehension
    "readily accessible to the nonprofessional reader"
    - approachable 
  3. Easily obtained
    "most students now have computers accessible"; "accessible money" 
  4. Easy to get along with or talk to; friendly
    "an accessible and genial man"

See also: access, accessibility, approachable, availability, available, availableness, come-at-able, comprehendible, comprehensible, convenient, getatable, get-at-able, handiness, handy, reachable, ready to hand

Antonym: inaccessible

Encyclopedia: Accessible


Allowing physical contact, as by means of an easily removable cover or door or a part of the building structure or finish materials.


Providing access to a fixture, appliance, or piece of equipment; removal of a cover, panel, plate, or similar obstruction may be required.


Said of a building, facility, or site that can be approached, entered, and used by a physically disabled person.


According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a term used for a space that complies with the standards of the Act for those having disabilities or impairments (including visual, hearing, mental, or mobility), and does not require the assistance of others to enter the space.



able to be reached, used or seen:

This information is accessible to everyone.

The site crashed as thousands logged on, but was finally accessible late afternoon on Tuesday.


(about a person) easy to talk to:

A good manager should be accessible.


(about a place) possible to be reached or entered:

Employers must ensure that their workplaces are accessible to the disabled.


easy to understand or use:

The report is accessible to non-economists.

accessibility // noun [U]:

improving the accessibility of news programmes for audiences

They are the biggest provider of accessibility technology to the disabled community.


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  1. he was, in a way, immensely accessible.
  2. never had she seemed so accessible as now.
  3. the desirability of there being analytical services is immediately accessible.
  4. a single line of easily accessible stations can be selected.
  5. there was one such man, and only one, within accessible distance.

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