accelerate meaning

[ æk'seləreit ] Pronunciation:   "accelerate" in a sentence
  • Verb: accelerate  ak'selu`reyt
    1. Move faster
      "The car accelerated"
      - speed up, speed, quicken 
    2. Cause to move faster
      "He accelerated the car"
      - speed, speed up

    Derived forms: accelerating, accelerated, accelerates

    See also: acceleration, accelerator, acceleratory

    Type of: alter, change, deepen, intensify, modify

    Antonym: decelerate

    Encyclopedia: Accelerate

  • [Business]

    1 [+ obj or no obj]

    to happen or to make sth happen faster or earlier than expected:

    Technological change is accelerating.

    Job losses have accelerated in the last two months.

    The company has announced it is accelerating its cost-cutting programme.


    2 [no obj]

    (about the economy) to increase in activity so that demand for goods increases:

    Will consumption slow before the global economy starts to accelerate?


    3 (Finance ) [+ obj]

    to demand that a debt is paid back at once or more quickly than first agreed, because the person who has borrowed the money has failed to make regular payments:

    Their major investor is now seeking to accelerate the loan.

    acceleration // noun [sing; U]:

    a sharp acceleration in the rate of economic growth

    the acceleration of technological progress

  • [Medicine]
    vb -at·ed; -at·ing vt : to cause to move faster or speed up ‹accelerated speech and motor activity in manic patients›; also : to cause to undergo acceleration
    ¦ vi : to move faster : gain speed


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  1. the diffusion process seems to be accelerating.
  2. an expansion wave in accelerating flow broadens.
  3. degradation is accelerated following leaf detachment.
  4. the end would be accelerated growth.
  5. the sale of offices was accelerated.

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