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  • 1. accede to pressure/sb's demands/request/wishes etc formal to agree to do what someone demands or asks you to do, especially when you do not want to do it:
    The King was forced to accede to pressure for major political reforms.
    Prison authorities have so far refused to accede to any of the prisoners' demands.
    If a doctor accedes to a patient's request to withdraw treatment, he or she may find himself in trouble with the law.
    SIMILAR TO: bow to
    2. accede to sth formal to officially become the leader of a country and be in charge of the government
    accede to power
    General Abacha acceded to power after a military coup.
    accede to the throne (=become king or queen)
    Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne in 1953.
    SIMILAR TO: come to
    3. accede to sth formal if a country or leader accedes to an agreement or law, they sign it and officially agree to it:
    India has announced that it will accede to the Montreal Protocol on controlling CFCs.
    Hungary was the first Eastern European country to accede to the UN Convention on Refugees.


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  1. berthe acceded to all her husband's proposals.
  2. i whispered to catherine that she mustn't, on any account, accede to the proposal.
  3. a queen regnant must accede to the wishes of her minister as to the personnel of the female part of her household.
  4. "please don't bear me malice because i can't accede to your wish," said davidson, with a melancholy smile.
  5. non-signatory states may accede to the present convention whether or not they have been represented at the international conference at brussels.

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