acarine meaning

Pronunciation:   "acarine" in a sentence
  • Noun: acarine  'aku`rIn
    1. Mite or tick

    Derived forms: acarines

    Type of: arachnid, arachnoid

    Part of: Acarina, order Acarina

    Encyclopedia: Acarine

  • [Medicine]
    adj : of, relating to, or caused by mites or ticks ‹acarine dermatitis› — acarine n


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  1. These light coloured varieties are likewise as already stated unusually susceptible to Acarine.
  2. Honey bees are affected by parasites including acarine and " Varroa " mites.
  3. Acarines live in practically every vectors of diseases such as scrub typhus and rickettsial pox.
  4. Acarine recorded the song " Stand Your Ground " for " Green Street ".
  5. It was then Lusty teamed with Brett Gordon to form "'Acarine " '.

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