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  • Noun: acanthosis nigricans
    1. A skin disease characterized by dark wartlike patches in the body folds; can be benign or malignant
      - keratosis nigricans

    Type of: disease of the skin, skin disease, skin disorder

    Encyclopedia: Acanthosis nigricans

  • [Medicine]
    A circumscribed melanosis consisting of a brown-pigmented,velvety verrucosity or fine papillomatosis appearing in the axillae and other body folds. It occurs in association with endocrine disorders,underlying malignancy,administration of certain drugs,or as in inherited disorder. n : a skin disease characterized by gray-black warty patches usu. situated in the axilla or groin or on elbows or knees and sometimes associated with cancer of abdominal viscera


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  1. In 1994 he devised the commonly-accepted classification for acanthosis nigricans.
  2. In 1981 he first described acral acanthotic anomaly ( acral acanthosis nigricans ).
  3. In 1981 he discovered and described acral acanthosis nigricans.
  4. An alternate classification system still used to describe acanthosis nigricans was proposed in 1994.
  5. Within those affected by SADDAN, acanthosis nigricans develops early on, usually in infancy or early childhood.

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