absorption unit meaning

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Noun: absorption unit
  1. A unit for measuring absorption

Derived forms: absorption units

Type of: unit, unit of measurement

Encyclopedia: Absorption unit


  1. The Power Absorption Unit of a dynamometer absorbs the power developed by the prime mover.
  2. Dynamometers can also be classified by the type of absorption unit or absorber / driver that they use.
  3. The Agent must reactivate all of the absorption units, three per beacon for a total of twenty-seven.
  4. With electrical absorption units, it is possible to determine torque by measuring the current drawn ( or generated ) by the absorber / driver.
  5. The project involves a 5, 000 bbl / day hydrocracker, a 6-MMcfd hydrogen plant and a pressure swing absorption unit are to be complete by second quarter 1996.

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