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Of a granular material, the total volume of the particles, including the permeable and impermeable voids, but excluding the spaces between the particles.


Of fluid, the volume which the fluid occupies.


The displacement volume of an ingredient of concrete or mortar.

"The total volume of the particles in a granular material, including both permeable and impermeable voids but excluding spaces between particles."

[Oil and gas]
The volume per unit mass, reciprocal of absolute density.


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  1. The vertical axis is almost always plotted as percent volume ( rather than absolute volume ), as well.
  2. This year, we had the largest _ not percentage wise _ but the largest absolute volume drop in boxes,
  3. Bin doses are along the horizontal axis, and structure volumes ( either percent or absolute volumes ) are on the vertical.
  4. In Malaysia, on the other hand, the absolute volume of recruitment activity is almost as high as it was last year.
  5. For now, however, Booker accepts that profits from its South-East Asian markets like Malaysia will be done substantially as absolute volume in the motor vehicle industry drops.

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