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Noun: absolute viscosity
  1. A measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid under an applied force
    - coefficient of viscosity, dynamic viscosity

Derived forms: absolute viscosities

Type of: coefficient

Encyclopedia: Absolute viscosity


  1. abs visc absolute viscosity
  2. "' Poiseuille "'is an unit for absolute viscosity and dynamic viscosity, named after the French physicist Jean L�onard Marie Poiseuille ( 1797  1869 ).
  3. The usual performance index used is the Reynolds number R = fvd / n, where f = fluid density, v = velocity of the exit stream, d = diameter of the opening, and n = absolute viscosity.
  4. To anneal glass it is necessary to heat it to its "'annealing temperature "', at which its viscosity, �, drops to 10 13 Poise ( " Poise " is a measure of absolute viscosity; 1 poise = 1 dyne-second / cm� ).

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