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The quotient, as an integral from absolute zero to the given temperature, of the Thomson coefficient of a material divided by its absolute temperature.


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  1. Absolute Seebeck coefficients of various metals up to high temperatures, mainly from Cusack & Kendall ( 1958 ).
  2. Absolute Seebeck coefficient of lead at low temperature, according to Christian, Jan, Pearson, Templeton ( 1958 ).
  3. Determination of the absolute Seebeck coefficient therefore requires more complicated techniques and is more difficult, however such measurements have been performed on standard materials.
  4. Although only relative Seebeck coefficients are important for externally measured voltages, the absolute Seebeck coefficient can be important for other effects where voltage is measured indirectly.
  5. A publication in 1958 used this technique to measure the absolute Seebeck coefficient of lead between 7 . 2 K and 18 K, thereby filling in an important gap in the previous 1932 experiment mentioned above.

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