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Noun: absolute scale  'absu`loot skeyl
  1. A temperature scale that defines absolute zero as 0 degrees; water freezes at 273.16 degrees and boils at 373.16 degrees
    - Kelvin scale

Derived forms: absolute scales

Type of: temperature scale

1. A scale in which the zero value indicates the lowest physically possible value that a parameter can attain.
2. A standard scale for measurement of a quantity.
3. A universally agreed-upon scale for the determination of a variable quantity.
4. The Kelvin temperature scale.
5. The Rankine temperature scale.

See absolute temperature scale


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  1. usage suggestion on the absolute scale standard to control merge in anti-monopoly law in our country
  2. on the whole, the absolute scale of public finance of education is gradually increasing, but the relative scale is shrinking
  3. tax evasion mainly exists in open economy, the severest of which being the absolute scale of value added tax
  4. Neither system works as well in formulae as the absolute scale systems of Rankin / Kelvin.
  5. Well-established alternatives are the mean absolute scaled error ( MASE ) and the mean squared error.

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