absolute monopoly meaning

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  • noun (economics)
      A situation in which a single organization has total control over the output of a product, commodity or service for which there is no substitute

  • [Business]
    noun [C]

    (Economics )

    a situation in which a company has complete control of the production and sale of particular goods or the supply of a particular service:

    The Post Office in the UK used to have an absolute monopoly.

    Copyright protection technologies risk giving copyright owners an absolute monopoly over content for ever.


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  1. the company had the absolute monopoly of import of french wine
  2. The IMF does not have an absolute monopoly on the truth.
  3. Wumen's poem suggests that neither view of causality has an absolute monopoly on the truth.
  4. Her conclusion : Microsoft set out to crush competing operating systems with the aim of establishing an absolute monopoly.
  5. After all, until now, Veriss and Bbb23 have had absolute monopoly over what and how they conduct things in the article.

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