absolute constant meaning

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A mathematical constant that has the same value wherever it is used.


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  1. In this busines there simply is no substitute for absolute constant review of the system,
  2. More precisely, the hypothesis is that there is some absolute constant such that 3SAT cannot be decided in time 2 " cn " by any deterministic Turing machine.
  3. Blanksby and Montgomery and Stewart independently proved that there is an absolute constant C > 1 such that either \ mathcal { M } ( P ( x ) ) = 1 or
  4. Since current and voltage units are defined in terms of fundamental physical constants such as the speed of light and Planck's constant, this will provide an alternative definition of the kilogram in terms of these absolute constants.
  5. The conjecture asserts that there is an absolute constant \ mu > 1 such that every polynomial with integer coefficients P ( x ) \ in \ mathbb { Z } [ x ] satisfies one of the following properties:

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