abscissa meaning

Pronunciation:   "abscissa" in a sentence
  • Noun: abscissa (abscissae,abscissas)  ab'sisu
    1. The value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

    Derived forms: abscissae, abscissas

    Type of: Cartesian coordinate

    Encyclopedia: Abscissa

  • [Architecture]

    In the plane Cartesian coordinate system, the horizontal coordinate of a point on a plane; the x-coordinate, obtained by measuring the distance from the point to the y-axis along a line parallel to the x-axis.

    abscissa: P, any point; NP, abscissa

  • [Electronics]
    1. The independent variable in a function.
    2. The axis (usually horizontal) on the graph of a function that indicates the independent variable.

    absence-of-ground searching selector A rotary switch that searches for an ungrounded contact in a dial telephone system.

  • [Computer]
    <mathematics> The horizontal or x coordinate on an (x, y) graph; the input of a function against which the output is plotted.

    The vertical or y coordinate is the "ordinate".

    See Cartesian coordinates.


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  1. the experimental curve runs nearly parallel to the abscissa.
  2. abscissa of absolute convergence
  3. be four distinct points on the abscissa of the Cartesian plane.
  4. The proof is implicit in the definition of abscissa of convergence.
  5. Thus, the radius and the abscissa of the centre of the circle are

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