ablative absolute meaning

Pronunciation:   "ablative absolute" in a sentence
Noun: ablative absolute
  1. A constituent in Latin grammar; a noun and its modifier can function as a sentence modifier

Derived forms: ablative absolutes

Type of: constituent, grammatical constituent

Encyclopedia: Ablative absolute


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  1. The usage of present, passive or future participles determines the verbal idea in the ablative absolute.
  2. The ablative absolute indicates the time, condition, or attending circumstances of an action being described in the main sentence.
  3. In Latin grammar, the ablative absolute ( Latin : ablativus absolutus ) is a noun phrase cast in the ablative case.
  4. The participle is used this way ablative absolutes as well, for example " hoc dicto " ( " this having been said " ).
  5. :: : : : : : The Latin construction being the ablative absolute, its use here with " so and when " would be incorrect.

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