abdominal meaning

[ æb'dɔminl ] Pronunciation:   "abdominal" in a sentence
Adjective: abdominal  ub'dóm(u)nul
  1. Of or relating to or near the abdomen
    "abdominal muscles"
Noun: abdominal  ub'dóm(u)nul
  1. The muscles of the abdomen
    - abdominal muscle, ab

Derived forms: abdominals

See also: abdomen

Type of: skeletal muscle, striated muscle

Part of: abdomen, belly, stomach, venter

Encyclopedia: Abdominal

n : an abdominal muscle (as an oblique or a rectus abdominis) esp. of the anterolateral region —usu. used in pl.
1 : of, belonging to, or affecting the abdomen ‹abdominal organs› ‹abdominal pain› ‹abdominal surgery›
2 : performed by entry through the abdominal wall ‹an abdominal hysterectomy› — ab·dom·i·nal·ly adv


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  1. good abdominal relaxation is necessary.
  2. until the age of seven, respiratory movement is abdominal.
  3. intestinal suture is part of the story of abdominal surgery.
  4. the majority of patients have vague abdominal pain or discomfort.
  5. the stomach is a large pouch located high in the abdominal cavity.

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