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  • [Medicine]
    n : any of the nine areas into which the abdomen is divided by four imaginary planes of which two are vertical passing through the middle of the inguinal ligament on each side and two are horizontal passing respectively through the junction of the ninth rib and costal cartilage and through the top of the iliac crest —see EPIGASTRIC 2b HYPOCHONDRIAC 2b HYPOGASTRIC 1 ILIAC 2 LUMBAR 2 UMBILICAL 2


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  1. abdominal region tractor
  2. show the vulnerable points, emphasizing that the abdominal region is the principal target
  3. bear in mind that reluctance to use the abdominal region may relate to cultural background
  4. clinical observation on combination of tcm and western medicine for the treatment of 84 cases of earlier inflammation bowel obstruction after operation on abdominal region
  5. Morphological symptoms are noticeable particularly on facial and abdominal regions.

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