abbreviated accounts meaning

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  • [Business]
    noun [pl.] (BrE)

    (Accounting )

    a type of financial record that contains less detail than normal, which small companies can produce for official records


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  1. Feinstein begins the book with an abbreviated account of the punch.
  2. An abbreviated account of the crash is engraved in panels throughout the garden.
  3. The text seems to parallel Mark 14 : 26-31, appearing to present a more abbreviated account.
  4. An abbreviated account of the Malaspina expedition, consisting mostly of his journal, " Diario de Viaje ", was published in Madrid in 1885 by Pedro de Novo y Colson.
  5. In the belief that Poles should understand more about the long history of Jews in their country than the abbreviated account of the Holocaust taught in schools, an effort is under way to build a Jewish museum here.

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