a wheen meaning

1. A few
2. A good many
3. (used adverbially) a little
  • wheen:    Noun: wheenUsage: ...


  1. As Wheen notes, Marx was a " sadistic intellectual thug ."
  2. Nae cannie daffin bull-reel splore that fearfih fecht, whan the Dooglas an the Scott wrait off a wheen auld scores an saw day-aboot wui the auld-enemy.
  3. As Wheen acidly describes, Marx aspired to maintain a bourgeois lifestyle; in spite of his family's financial misfortune, the champion of the proletariat insisted on keeping a personal secretary _ despite his incompetence _ because not having one would tarnish his reputation.
  4. I would be down upon them like a sea-falcon among a wheen wild geese, and the best of them that dared to say onything o'Meg Dods, but what was honest and civil, I would soon see if her cockenonie was made o'her ain hair or other folks . " ( " St . Ronan's Well ", 1824)

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