a pocket of resistance meaning

  • [American slang]
    Fig. a small group of people who resist change or domination.
      The accounting department seems to be a pocket of resistance when it comes to automating.


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  1. Stonne was totally occupied only on 25 May, as pockets of resistance continued to hold out.
  2. It appeared that a pocket of resistance had been overlooked in a building thought to have been cleared.
  3. The 148th PAVN Regiment hung on and formed a pocket of resistance near Phousai, one of several.
  4. 6th Guards Tank Brigade, clear a pocket of resistance south of Lubeck, Germany, 2 May 1945 . ]]
  5. When captive in the Oflag, he had organized a pocket of resistance, which earned him a transfer to the discipline Oflag of L�beck

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