a budding genius meaning

  • [American slang]
    a very bright and promising young person.
      Harry is a budding genius, but he seems like a fairly normal teenager.


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  1. That can happen when a budding genius has a doting mother and a father who abandons the family when the lad is 17.
  2. No one should assume that a silent 2-year-old is a budding genius; silence may be a sign of hearing loss or a neurological disorder.
  3. Precocious both in mind and spirit, Thomasina is a budding genius, equally capable of discerning her elders'darkest secrets or of spotting the flaws in Newton's model of an orderly universe.
  4. "The Killing " and " Paths of Glory " did not make money, but they did make Kubrick's reputation as a budding genius among critics and studio executives.
  5. You could say ( and some do ) that Sophie W . Downes, an award-winning young poet from New York's Long Island, is a budding genius whose literary gifts deserve worldwide acclaim.

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