a broken reed meaning

  "a broken reed" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    an unreliable or undependable person. (On the image of a useless, broken reed in a reed instrument.)
      You can't rely on Jim's support. He's a broken reed.
      Mr. Smith is a broken reed. His deputy has to make all the decisions.


  1. he let me down at the last minute and turned out to be a broken reed
  2. "The idea of basing an investment decision on the hoped-for results of an interested management seems to me a broken reed, " said James Grant, the editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer.
  3. The intention to go to Montrose was of course given up, at any rate for the present, and he was merely waiting for Goring and the Royalist militia of the westeach in its own way a broken reed to lean upon.
  4. What followed is now history : The Iron Curtain and establishment of a host of so-called " people's republics " that took their orders straight from the Kremlin until they realized the Soviet Union was a broken reed.

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