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Noun: Ustilaginoidea
  1. Genus of imperfect fungi causing plant diseases like smut
    - genus Ustilaginoidea

Type of: fungus genus

Part of: Dematiaceae, family Dematiaceae


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  1. study on proper time and effective pesticides to control ustilaginoidea virens takahashi
  2. the inhibition of extracts of mentha arvensis l . and euphorbia helioswpia l . to ustilaginoidea virens was observed
  3. ""'Ustilaginoidea " "'is a genus of anamorphic fungi whose teleomorphic states are in the Hypocreales order.
  4. ""'Ustilaginoidea virens " "', perfect sexual stage " Villosiclava virens ", is a plant pathogen which causes the disease False Smut of rice which reduces both grain yield and grain quality.
  5. The genus is widespread in subtropical regions, and contains six species . " Ustilaginoidea " was circumscribed by German botanist Julius Oscar Brefeld in 1895 . " Ustilaginoidea virens " causes the disesase known alternatively as rice false smut, pseudosmut, or green smut.

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