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Noun: Ovis aries
  1. Any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
    - domestic sheep

Type of: jumbuck [Austral], sheep

Part of: genus Ovis, Ovis

Encyclopedia: Ovis aries

A species of sheep,Ovis aries,descended from Near Eastern wild forms,especially mouflon.


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  1. Lamb and mutton are terms for the meat of domestic sheep ( species " Ovis aries " ) at different ages.
  2. A study on domestic sheep ( " Ovis aries " ) has provided clear experimental proof of self-medication via individual learning.
  3. In rare instances, though, fertile offspring from such unions can go on to create a hybrid species, like the domestic sheep " Ovis aries ".
  4. For example, when competition arises between two grazing sheep ( " Ovis aries " ), they have been observed to nuzzle each other's preorbital glands.
  5. Although the name " sheep " applies to many species in the genus " Ovis ", in everyday usage it generally refers to " Ovis aries ".

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