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  1. I think the piece of music you want is called'The flower duet'by a guy called Leo Delibes.
  2. At the invitation of Kevin McKenzie, artistic director of American Ballet Theater, Franklin, 82, has done his own staging of the ballet to the score by Leo Delibes.
  3. He was awarded a D . M . prize by SACD, France Academy Prize, Leo Delibes Prize, Prix Ernest Reyer Prize, Roman Prize, and the Jean Coctot Prize.
  4. The sense of incompleteness may stem from the fact that the production ( barely 1 hour 15 minutes long, with no intermission ) discards the third act of Leo Delibes'ballet score.
  5. "I remember dancing in my living room, with my oldest son as a baby, to the ` Flower Duet'( from Leo Delibes'opera ` Lakme').

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