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    <person> A demigod, the author of Perl, patch, and rn.

    In the Perl README, he says, "I want you to know that I create nice things like this because it pleases the Author of my story. If this bothers you, then your notion of Authorship needs some revision. But you can use Perl anyway."

    E-mail: Larry Wall


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  1. in fact, larry wall, perl s creator, is a linguist whose experience in that field has obviously influenced perl s evolution
  2. the programmer will i hope, and so does larry wall recognize that listing 2 is far easier to understand and maintain than listing 1
  3. He has won the Larry Wall Award three times for CPAN contributions.
  4. Larry Wall, a supposed linguist, should have known better when he invented Perl.
  5. It's like Larry Wall and Perl, to take a completely random example.

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