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[ 'leiteks ] Pronunciation:   "latex" in a sentence
Noun: latex (latexes,latices)  leyteks
  1. A milky exudate from certain plants that coagulates on exposure to air 
  2. A water-base paint that has a latex binder
    - latex paint, rubber-base paint

Derived forms: latexes, latices

Type of: exudate, exudation, water-base paint

Encyclopedia: Latex Latex, TX Latex, Texas


An emulsion of finely dispersed particles of natural or synthetic rubber or plastic materials in water.

A milky,product excreted from the latex canals of a variety of plant species that contain cauotchouc. Latex is composed of 25-35% caoutchouc,60-75% water,2% protein,2% resin,1.5% sugar & 1% ash. RUBBER is made by the removal of water from latex.(From Concise Encylopedia Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,3rd ed) However,the term latex has been broadened in scope to include RUBBER and other synthetic polymers. Latexes are used as inert vehicles to carry antibodies or antigens in LATEX FIX ATION TESTS. n pl la·ti·ces or la·tex·es : a milky usu. white fluid that is usu. made up of various gum resins, fats, or waxes and often a complex mixture of other substances frequently including poisonous compounds, is produced by cells of various seed plants (as of the milkweed, spurge, and poppy families), and is the source of rubber, gutta-percha, chicle, and balata

<language, text, tool> (Lamport TeX) Leslie Lamport top of TeX. LaTeX was developed at SRI International's Computer Science Laboratory and was built to resemble Scribe.

LaTeX adds commands to simplify typesetting and lets the user concentrate on the structure of the text rather than on formatting commands.

BibTeX is a LaTeX package for bibliographic citations.

Lamport's LaTeX book has an exemplary index listing every symbol, concept and example in the book. The index in the, now obsolete, first edition includes (on page 221) the mysterious entry "Gilkerson, Ellen, 221". The second edition (1994) has an entry for "infinite loop" instead.


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  1. the latex concentration is raised by evaporation or centrifugation.
  2. this is generally true, and there is a rise in surface tension of the latex at this point.
  3. the results of the tests indicated that latex and polyurethane foam mattresses burned fastest.
  4. these strands were coated on four sides with a nonburning coating consisting of a neoprene latex based paint.
  5. these strands were coated on four sides with a nonburning coating consisting of a neoprene latex based paint.

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