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Noun: Gerbillinae
  1. Gerbils
    - subfamily Gerbillinae

Type of: mammal family

Part of: Cricetidae, family Cricetidae

Encyclopedia: Gerbillinae

A subfamily of the Muridae consisting of several genera including Gerbillus,Rhombomys,Tatera,Meriones,and Psammomys.


  1. Some muroids have historically been placed in Cricetidae, such as mouse-like hamsters ( subfamily Calomyscinae, family Calomyscidae ), gerbils ( subfamily Gerbillinae, family Muridae ), the crested rat ( subfamily Lophiomyinae, family Muridae ), zokors ( subfamily Myospalacinae, family Spalacidae ), the white-tailed rat ( subfamily Mystromyinae, family Nesomyidae ), and spiny dormice ( subfamily Platacanthomyinae, family Platacanthomyidae ).

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