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    A GNU version of BC which is self-contained and internally executes its own compiled code rather than acting as a front-end to DC like the standard Unix bc.

    Version 1.02

    parser (yacc), interpreter, BC math library

    Philip A. Nelson

    FTP bc-1.02.tar.Z from a GNU archive site.

    requires: vsprintf and vfprintf routines

    ports: Unix (BSD, System V, MINIX, POSIX) Superset of POSIX BC (P10003.2/D11), with a POSIX-only mode.
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  1. The second is the free software GNU bc, first released in 1991 by Philip A . Nelson.
  2. With some necessary changes to accommodate bc's different syntax, and realizing that the constant " 0 . 9189 . . . " is actually log ( 2 * PI ) / 2, this can be translated to the following GNU bc code:
  3. GNU bc variables, arrays and function names may contain more than one character, some more operators have been included from C, and notably, an "'if "'clause may be followed by an "'else " '.

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