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Noun: Cordaites
  1. Tall Paleozoic trees superficially resembling modern screw pines; structurally intermediate in some ways between cycads and conifers
    - genus Cordaites

Type of: gymnosperm genus

Part of: Cordaitaceae, family Cordaitaceae

Encyclopedia: Cordaites


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  1. The trees composing this Pennsylvanian forest included " Cordaites ", scale trees, and seal trees.
  2. With regard to the enduring value of the division, many palaeobotanists still use the pteridosperm grouping in an informal sense to refer to the seed plants that are not angiosperms, coniferoids ( conifers or cordaites ), bennettites ).
  3. At the P Tr boundary, the dominant floral groups changed, with many groups of land plants entering abrupt decline, such as " Cordaites " ( gymnosperms ) and " Glossopteris " ( lycophytes extant lycophytes are recolonizers of disturbed areas.
  4. The seed plants including seed ferns, conifers and cordaites, which were all gymnosperms, evolved 350 million years ago; they had pollen grains that contained the male gametes for protection of the sperm during the process of transfer from the male to female parts.
  5. "Cordaites ", a tall plant ( 6 to over 30 meters ) with strap-like leaves, was related to the cycads and conifers; the catkin-like reproductive organs, which bore ovules / seeds, is called " Cardiocarpus ".

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