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Noun: Caryophyllidae
  1. A group of families of mostly flowers having basal or central placentation and trinucleate pollen (binucleate pollen is commoner in flowering plants); contains 14 families including: Caryophyllaceae (carnations and pinks); Aizoaceae; Amaranthaceae; Batidaceae; Chenopodiaceae; Cactaceae (order Opuntiales); Nyctaginaceae; Phytolaccaceae; corresponds approximately to order Caryophyllales; sometimes classified as a superorder
    - subclass Caryophyllidae

Type of: class

Part of: class Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledones, class Magnoliopsida, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, Magnoliopsida

Encyclopedia: Caryophyllidae


  1. Cronquist placed this order in his subclass Caryophyllidae of three orders.
  2. APG should rather be compared to subclass Caryophyllidae " sensu"

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