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Noun: contagious abortion
  1. An infectious disease of domestic animals often resulting in spontaneous abortion; transmittable to human beings
    - brucellosis, Bang's disease

Derived forms: contagious abortions

Type of: zoonosis, zoonotic disease

Encyclopedia: Contagious abortion

1 : brucellosis in domestic animals characterized by abortion:
a : brucellosis affecting esp. cattle that is caused by a brucella (Brucella abortus), that is contracted by ingestion, by copulation, or possibly by wound infection, and that is characterized by proliferation of the causative organism in the fetal membranes inducing abortion, subsequent invasion of the regional lymph nodes and udder with the formation of chronic foci of infection, and sometimes reinvasion of the uterus when pregnancy is reestablished
b : any brucellosis of swine or goats having a somewhat similar course to bovine brucellosis but usu. caused by different brucellae
2 : any of several contagious or infectious diseases of domestic animals marked by abortion (as vibrionic abortion of sheep or an acute salmonellosis of the mare) —called also infectious abortion


  1. In cattle, this disease, usually caused by " B . abortus ", is also known as " contagious abortion " and " infectious abortion ".

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