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Noun: Araceae
  1. Anthurium; calla lily; jack-in-the-pulpit; philodendron
    - family Araceae, arum family

See also: araceous

Type of: liliopsid family, monocot family

Part of: Arales, order Arales

Encyclopedia: Araceae

A plant family of the order Arales,subclass Arecidae,class Liliopsida (monocot). Many members contain OXALIC ACID and calcium oxalate (OXALATES).


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  1. comparative study on the leaf epidermis of the genus acorus and five genera in araceae
  2. the studies support the viewpoint that acorus should be removed from araceae to an independent family
  3. Within the Araceae family the plant is part of the Aroideae subfamily.
  4. It also contains greenhouses for special Orchidaceae and Araceae collections.
  5. The largest collection of living Araceae is maintained at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

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