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  • Noun: Agaricaceae
    1. Large family including many familiar mushrooms
      - family Agaricaceae

    Type of: fungus family

    Part of: Agaricales, order Agaricales

    Encyclopedia: Agaricaceae

  • [Medicine]
    An extensive order of basidiomycetous fungi whose fruiting bodies are commonly call mushrooms. n pl : a large family of fungi (order Agaricales) that contains the genera Agaricus and Amanita and includes many familiar mushrooms with the sporophore usu. consisting of a central stalk and a cap like an umbrella on the lower surface of which are numerous lamellae bearing the hymenium


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  1. A 2001 taxonomic authorities prefer to fold Mycenastraceae into the Agaricaceae.
  2. His major interest was Agaricaceae but he also described many species in other families.
  3. "Calbovista " is usually taxonomic significance and is folded into synonymy with the Agaricaceae.
  4. It was formerly molecular phylogeny, has been split . " Lycoperdon " is now placed in the family Agaricaceae of the order Agaricales.
  5. However, molecular analysis of DNA sequences showed that the most species belonged in the family Psathyrellaceae, distinct from the type species that belonged to the Agaricaceae.

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