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  • Noun: Acarina
    1. Mites and ticks
      - order Acarina

    Type of: animal order

    Part of: Arachnida, class Arachnida

    Encyclopedia: Acarina

  • [Medicine]
    n pl : a cosmopolitan and very large order of the class Arachnida comprising the mites and ticks most of which lack distinct demarcation into cephalothorax and abdomen and have no book lungs, many of which are parasites of plants, animals, or humans, and some of which are vectors of important diseases


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  1. :specification for phytoseiulus persimilis athias-henriot acarina : phytoseiidae
  2. notes on larvae of three mites acarina : trombidiidae on aphis gossipii glover homoptera : aphididae
  3. effects of temperature and water content in soil on the quantity of acarina and collembola
  4. performances of the citrus red mite, panonychus citri mcgregor acarina : tetranychidae on various citrus varieties
  5. soil quality-sampling of soil invertebrates-part 2 : sampling and extraction of microarthropods collembola and acarina

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