at meaning

[ æt ] Pronunciation:   "at" in a sentence
Preposition: at  ut or at
  1. Expresses position, direction or location, or point in time
    "at midnight"; "point at the one you want"; "sleep at the hotel" 
  2. Expressing a rate
    "sold at $10 each"
Noun: at  ut or at
  1. 100 at equal 1 kip in Laos
Noun: At
  1. A highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium
    - astatine, atomic number 85

Derived forms: Ats, ats

Type of: chemical element, element, halogen, Laotian monetary unit

Part of: kip

Encyclopedia: At

total attainable search area

A monetary unit of Laos, worth one hundredth of a kip.

The two-character ISO 3166 country code for AUSTRIA.

See technical atmosphere


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  1. reynolds grinned and boomed at me.
  2. lennie stared hopelessly at his hands.
  3. he had made passes at her in moscow.
  4. they assess his house at 15,000 yuan.
  5. at last gerald had but one day more.

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