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<operating system> (Or "jolix /joh'liks/) A free software port originally derived from the generally available parts of the "Berkeley Net Release/2" to the Intel i386 architecture by William Jolitz and friends. The name Jolix is used to differentiate it from BSDI's port based on the same source tape, which is called BSD/386.

Many new and innovative features were added to 386BSD following its original release in June 1992. An unofficial patchkit, available from many anonymous FTP archives, solves many of the problems associated with 386BSD Version 0.1. In addition, many common Unix packages have been ported.

386BSD has been superseded by FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.


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  1. 386bsd source code is available from this site, as well
  2. in the beginning, there was 386bsd
  3. when 386bsd came along in 1991, mac was not far off some peoples minds
  4. 386bsd was never meant to do much except suggest which unix should go on the intel chip
  5. the 386bsd project came into being in 1985 as an attempt to get bsd unix to run on an intel chip

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