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  • 曲折步
  • zig:    n. 1.Z[之]字形路线的一个转折 ...
  • zag:    n. 急转;急变;急弯。 vi. ( ...
  • a zig-zag way:    曲折迂回的路
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  1. Soft pottery pot with zig zag pattern
  2. Jumping after every move only to find it was normal zig zag movements and their stoploss get hit frequently
  3. As a result of employing multilevel phase - shifted method with zig zag connection in transformer secondary , in the primary the current harmonics their orders are lower than 6m 1 are eliminated ( m is the number of power cell each phase ) . in the inverter side because of using pulse shifting pwm control , the equivalent switch frequency of output is m times as high as one h - bridge , so the output voltage waveform of the inverter is near sine with less harmonics
    对于整流电路,由于采用变压器移相多重化整流,在理论上可以实现曲折变压器一次绕组中低于6m 1次谐波电流相互抵消( m为串联单元个数) ;对于逆变电路,由于采用移相pwm控制方式,等效开关频率提高m倍,因此输出电压接近正弦波,谐波含量较小。

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