you know love is all we need meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "you know love is all we need" in a sentence
  • 你我都知道,爱才是我们的唯一
  • you:    pron. 〔sing., pl.〕 ...
  • know:    vt. 1.知道;了解,懂得。 2. ...
  • love:    n. 1.爱,热爱,爱戴。 give ...
  • all:    adj. 1.所有的,全部的,整个的 ...
  • we:    pron. pl. 1.〔人称代词第 ...
  • need:    n. 1.必要,需要。 2.缺乏,不 ...
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  1. We are all a part of god ' s great big family . and the truth you know love is all we need

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