you know he really tried to take me meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "you know he really tried to take me" in a sentence
  • 你知道,他真的想
  • you:    pron. 〔sing., pl.〕 ...
  • know:    vt. 1.知道;了解,懂得。 2. ...
  • he:    n. 希伯来文的第五个字母。
  • really:    adv. 真,真正,实在,果真。 R ...
  • tried:    adj. 试验过的;经过考验的;确实 ...
  • take:    vt. (took; taken ) ...
  • me:    pron. 1.〔I 的宾格〕我〔把 ...
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