yellowish greens meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "yellowish greens" in a sentence
  • 黄绿色的
  • greens:    鸡油菜心; 凉拌青菜; 绿党; 绿叶 ...
  • the greens:    格林一家人
  • yellowish:    adj. 淡黄色的。
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  1. appearance : yellowish green crystalline powder
  2. yellowish green, foamy and fishy-smelling vaginal discharge,
  3. major features appearing on the image include flooded areas dark, clouds white, land yellowish green and sea dark
  4. red, rose _ flowered; upright stems and thin stalks, pointed leaves in yellowish green, early flowering
  5. major features appearing on the image include thick clouds white, low clouds yellow, land yellowish green and sea dark

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