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  • y
  • y:     a Y-branch 叉 ...
  • :    form; shape
  • 鲁氏y形:    roux-en-y


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  1. Shipbuilding - cast iron y type strainers
  2. The subway route is shaped like the letter y , so as to provide fast traffic connections to the sub - cities located in the different areas
  3. Avenue roundabouts have been added , available under a new menu button that also contains the other avenue intersections , such as the avenue y - stack
    增加了环形路,出现在包含有其他大街交会(例如“大街y形交会” )的新菜单按钮下。
  4. A complete list of replacement components can be found on the preceding page . bonnet assemblies and seals are interchangeable between angle and y - pattern valve bodies
  5. Our premium - grade bifurcated optical fiber assemblies are y - shaped assemblies with two fibers of the same diameter side - by - side in the common end , or the tail of the assembly

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