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  • 书面凭证
  • 书面文件
  • 书面证明
  • written:    adj. 写成的,书面的;笔记的,成 ...
  • document:    n. 1.文献,文件;公文。 2.证 ...
  • a written will:    书面遗嘱
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  1. He seated himself at the writing - table , and began to write documents
  2. You know that with bankers nothing but a written document will be valid .
    您要知道,跟银行家打交道,没有书面证明是不会奏效的。 ”
  3. You agree to waive any requirement that this contract be evidenced by a written document
  4. Application shall be made by written documents , by fax or by telephone to the claiming office
  5. Good listener , good technical comprehension in meetings and written documents , and skillful negotiator

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