writing symbol meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "writing symbol" in a sentence
  • 书写符号
  • writing:    n. 1.写,写作,执笔;习字,书法 ...
  • symbol:    n. 1.记号,符号。 2.象征,表 ...
  • in writing:    采用书面形式; 书面的
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  1. The introduction reveals if s value to the research of the development of zen , and of the development of thought of zen in china . the second chapter tries to solve the problems of the decision of the names of some manual scripts in dunhuang zen documents and some other problems . it clears the misunderstanding in a few important questions . the next chapter , stepping in from a researching and data - sorting - out view , discusses in details the writing symbols and their explanations in the zen documents and the mistakes often seen in proof - reading , etymological and semantic explanations of words and phrases

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