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  • 【体育】世界杯(足球赛)。
  • world:    n. 1.世界;地球。 2.万物;天 ...
  • cup:    n. 1.(有柄的)茶杯;(有脚)( ...
  • the world cup:    世界杯趣事


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  1. The world cup final was beamed live from britain to japan .
  2. On may 31 the 1986 world cup of soccer will begin at noon in mexico city .
  3. When germany defeated england in the quarterfinal of the 1970 world cup soccer tournament, grandpa was furious .
  4. Do you want to watch the next world cup ? yes , ido
  5. Mini - world cup 2006 games - 4455 miniclip games
    迷你世界杯2006小游戏- 4399小游戏

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