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[ 'wə:kmən ] Pronunciation:   "workman" in a sentence   "workman" meaning
  • n.
    (pl. -men) 工人,劳动者;工作者,工作人员。 a good [skilled] workman 优良工人,熟练工人。 a master workman 名工;〔美国〕工会会长。 a workman's train (清早开行票价特低的)工人专车。
    -ship 手艺,技巧,本领,本事;(制造的)巧拙;作品,制品,制件。
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  1. Workmen arrived to take down the scaffolding .
  2. A bad workman quarrels with his tools .
  3. A bad workman quarrels with tools .
  4. The workmen are paid by the piece .
  5. The workmen were slow in making a start .

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