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  • 木制品
  • wooden:    adj. 1.木(制)的。 2.木然 ...
  • article:    n. 1.物品;制品,商品。 2.项 ...
  • article no:    货号; 客户型号


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  1. 19 wooden article , parts , traditional medicine or herbs seeds , bulbs , straws nuts
  2. A clay pot that the man touches must be broken , and any wooden article is to be rinsed with water
  3. The machine is restricted to sharpen cutting - tools , no other bulky objects , iron sheets , soft materials ( such as aluminum , copper and so on ) and wooden articles be allowed to be machined on
  4. Also anything on which one of them may fall when they are dead becomes unclean , including any wooden article , or clothing , or a skin , or a sack any article of which use is made it shall be put in the water and be unclean until evening , then it becomes clean
    利11 : 32其中死了的掉在甚麽东西上、这东西就不洁净、无论是木器、衣服、皮子、口袋、不拘是作甚麽工用的器皿、须要放在水中、必不洁净到晚上、到晚上才洁净了。
  5. Products include esquisite titanium articles , wooden articles , lie fallow produce and copper products with excellent antioxidation features , of which the latter are welcomed by vast consumers and end the history of overelaborate maintenance of copper products by using polisher during the past dozens of years

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