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[ wiʃ ] Pronunciation:   "wish" in a sentence   "wish" meaning
  • vt.
    1.希望,但愿〔以略去 that 的从句作宾语〕。 I wish (that) it would rain. 我希望会下雨(就好了)。 I wish I were a bird! 我要是一只鸟那多好。 I wish you would come and help us. 你能来帮助我们就好了。 I wish it may not prove a failure. 这事不要失败才好〔反面有 I am afraid it will 的意思〕。 I wish+More...
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  1. Do you wish to turn me into a plutocrat ?
  2. They wish to adopt more radical methods .
  3. I wish i could convince miss crawford .
  4. I wish she had been of my own station .
  5. He wished he were young again, single .

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