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Pronunciation:   "will act" in a sentence
  • 遗嘱法, 遗嘱条例
  • will:    vt. 1.决心要,立志要。 2.凭 ...
  • act:    n. 1.行为;举动;动作。 2.决 ...
  • act:     = 1.Associat ...
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  1. It is not at all likely that he will act so foolishly as that .
  2. It is not at all likely that he will act rashly in such an important affair .
  3. Dick, i beg you, obey me; i will act for the common safety .
  4. That is, that you will act in this dismal matter by my advice and direction .
  5. Create a bitmap that will act as the form s surface

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