wilks meaning in Chinese

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  • 威尔克斯
  • 维尔克斯
  • mike wilks:    掘金签下后卫; 麦克-维尔克斯; 韦 ...
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  1. Iszard and wilks used a differential technique to study the surface coating on cellophane .
  2. Was there any such mark on peter wilks breast ?
    在彼得威尔克斯的胸口可有这样的标记么? ”
  3. It s the worst imitation i ever heard . you peter wilks s brother
  4. " kin any of you gentlemen tell me wher mr . peter wilks lives ?
    国王说: “你们哪一位先生能告诉我彼得威尔克斯先生住哪里? ”
  5. Mary jane wilks , you know me for your friend , and for your unselfish friend , too

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